从spine editor 3.7.xx中导出的spine文件在unity中使用skeletor graphic如下设置能正常播放:
The spine file exported from spine editor 3.7.xx uses this skeletor graphic setting can be played normally in unity.

正如你所见,没有设置Starting Animation,因为我们在代码中控制此skeletor播放哪个animation。一切都工作得很好。
As you can see, not set Starting Animation, because I want to control which animation to play using my code. Everything works very well.

但是,spine editor升级到3.8.61后,使用以上skeletor graphic设置会报以下错误,请帮助我!
However, after upgrading the spine editor to 3.8.61, using the above skeletor graphic settings will report the following error, please help me!
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Sorry for the trouble.

您是否将Spine-Unity运行时升级到最新的3.8 unitypackage?
Did you upgrade the Spine-Unity runtime to the latest 3.8 unitypackage as well?

请注意,Spine-Unity运行时版本(例如3.8)必须与用于导出骨架文件的Spine Editor版本(例如3.8.61)匹配。 当主要+次要版本号不匹配时(3.7对3.8),由于格式不兼容,Unity中的导入将失败。
Please note that the Spine-Unity runtime version (e.g. 3.8 ) has to match the Spine Editor version (e.g. 3.8.61) which was used to export your skeleton files. When major+minor version numbers do not match (3.7 vs 3.8 ), import in Unity will fail due to format incompatibility.

Export - Spine User Guide: Command line
You can use batch-export to re-export all your skeletons quickly via the command line interface:
Export - Spine User Guide: Command line
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