i am new to spine and i am not understanding an issue that i am having,

1. i took a model that i rendered in daz3d.
2. threw it inside gimp.
3. cut out the model into parts using free select tool /layers.
4. used the python script to import these images into spine.
5. my image files and the json file are in the same directory.
6. the images exported to spine correctly from what i can see.
7. went to import data in spine, imported the json file
8. my brother performed a demonstration of what i just did, when he exported from gimp to spine the images for his skeleton were attached to the slots in the tree (same thing happened in the video where spine boy was exported from photoshop to spine).
9. in my project - my images are not attaching to the slots after exporting to spine with the python script like in my brothers or the spine boy demo.
10. i believe i read or watched a video that mentioned the case where images are not attached to slots and what to do about it but i can't put my finger on what source that is.
11. i am running windows 10, my brother is using linux.
12. i have a zip file of what i have done it is attached.
13. this project is crude - my goal was to make this moveable (pretty much basics of working with a skeleton and moving it) nothing more.
14. not sure what the issue is/probably messed something up a long the way but it is driving me crazy trying to figure out why my export is not acting like the others.
15. the funny thing is that my brother sent me back my project file and told me that my file was fixed and when i opened up this new file from my brother - nothing had changed for me. strange.



ok i figured out why i was not seeing the attachments on the slots like i expected to see after exporting to spine

i had the filter button for attachments turned off that is why i could not see the attachments, they were there all this time. hey don't do this at home. :)
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Heh, glad you figured it out!
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