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I am using Spine version 3.8. (Last updated)
The character's clothes are divided into head, arms, shoes, tops and bottoms, each with bones for animation.
We tried to use the updated spine skin system.
But there seems to be a bug.

Our character uses both front and back views.

The task sequence is as follows:
1. Character Setup and Animation
2. Add bones, images, etc. by character parts in setup mode (hair style, t-shirt, pants, gloves, shoes)
4. Link parts bones and images to each skin
5. Animation Mode: Modify the mesh to match the parts of each skin to the animation, and turn the front and back attachments on or off.

The problem is this.
Obviously I modified the mesh in SKIN_HEAD and set the attachment in animation mode.
SKIN_SHOES did the same.
But if you switch back to SKIN_HEAD, all the head attachments that you disabled are turned on.
If you change your head and switch back to SKIN_SHOES, all the shoe attachments that you disabled are turned on.

I feel stressed and my hair will fall out.

If I ask in Korean, can I get an answer?

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You can use Korean if you prefer, thank you for trying in English (:

Regarding your problem, if you want to use mix-and-match features, that is to say, have a skin per object, then it is normal that activating a skin deactivates the other.

If you want to see multiple skins at once, please pin them in the Skins view: Skins view - Spine User Guide

I'm not sure if this is the case, but I recommend to also check out the documentation about skins: Skins - Spine User Guide
If you place an attachment in a skin placeholder, it will only be visible when the skin is active, this may be why you see some things suddenly visile when changing skin. If you'd like to post a gif of the problem it may be easier for me to understand exactly the problem (:
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Additionally the skins view is shown briefly at 6:07 here:
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제 질문을 잘못 이해하신 것 같습니다 ㅠㅠ

애니메이션 모드에서 A 스킨의 이미지 어태치먼트를 끄거나 켜는 작업을 한 뒤,
B 스킨도 마찬가지로 같은 작업을 하고 나서
A스킨으로 다시 전환하면 아까 껐던 어태치먼트들이 죄다 켜져있습니다.
I think you misunderstood my question.

In animation mode, turn off or turn on the image attachment of the A skin.
Do the same with the B skin
When you switch back to A skin, the attachments that you turned off are all on.

스파인 예시 1.png

hand 스킨이 켜져 있는 상태고, 이건 정상적인 상황입니다.
correct situation

스파인 예시 2.png

이건 비정상적인 상황입니다.
앞모습 옷, 뒷모습 옷 어태치먼트가 모두 켜져 있습니다.
도프시트 어태치 : C_VANDAGE_LOWER_B_left_right is on
(올바른 상황 : off)
This is an abnormal situation.
Front and back clothing attachments are all on.
Dopesheet Attach: C_VANDAGE_LOWER_B_left_right is on
(Correct situation: off)

스파인 예시 3.png

정상적으로 수정합니다. (C_VANDAGE_LOWER_B_left_right를 끕니다. 도프시트를 보시면 off 되어 있습니다.)
Attachment modification
Look at the dope sheet.
Turn off "C_VANDAGE_LOWER_B_left_right"

스파인 예시 4.png

그리고 다시 hand 스킨으로 전환하면 아까 분명 꺼져있었는데 어태치먼트가 켜져 있습니다
맨 첫번째 이미지에 없던 뒷면이미지가 켜져있죠?
Switch skin to "HAND".
It is different from the first image.
Back image attachment is on the arm.

댓글 쓰다가 이런 현상이 발생하는 이유를 찾았습니다.
일일이 어태치먼트 ON/OFF 설정 후 수동으로 하이어라키에서 열쇠 아이콘 눌러서 적용하면 문제가 없습니다.

근데 도프시트에서 "오토키" 누른 상태에서 어태치먼트 ON/OFF 하면
위와 같이 스킨 전환 시 비활성화 해 놨던 어태치먼트들이 제멋대로 켜져 있는 현상이 발생합니다.

이거 버그맞죠???


While writing a comment, I found why this happens.
After setting attachment ON / OFF, there is no problem if you manually apply it by pressing the key icon on Hierarchy.

But if you press the "auto key" on the dopesheet,
attachments that are disabled when switching skins are turned on.
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I've been trying to reproduce this now for a while. Unfortunately, without luck.

It would be really helpful if you could record a video/gif showing the problem.
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