Excuse me, in a bitmap animation software, usually I just draw in-between the weapon movement to create slash effect. But in spine we can't draw,... I wonder how to do a slash effect... :think:

I'm thinking of animating slash animation manually outside spine but I don't know the workflow on how to integrate it to spine animation. I can export for PNG sequence and spritesheet from the bitmap animation software I'm using.

I haven't found tutorial on this topic, if anyone have a link to that tutorial or anything similar, please let me know.
Thank you for your time. :grinteeth:

~~(do we have like spine discord server? for asking very short question :detective: )~~
edit: found unofficial one.
Looking forward for an official godot runtime to use with pro version when I have enough money.
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Hello! You could export a png sequence at the frame rate you'd like to animate the VFX, then use the Photoshop to Spine script to import it back into Spine (without the reference image of course)

Export - Spine User Guide: PNG
spine-scripts/photoshop at master · EsotericSoftware/spine-scripts

(I'm unofficially in the unofficial one! link here for everybody else: )
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