Hi I was wondering how weighted vertices are constructed.
So as per docs
first the number
of bones which influence the vertex, then for that many bones: bone index, bind
position X, bind position Y, weight
Its little bit unclear what bind position X and bind position Y stand for.
I have vertices array and weights array containing weights for each bone which has the same length as vertices.
Can you please suggest how required format should be achieved.

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Bind position is the vertex position relative to a specific bone at the time that the mesh is bound to the bone. The way linear blend skinning works is the bind pose vertex position is multiplied by the bone's world transform matrix, then weights are applied (see VertexAttachment source code).

Most people don't need to be bothered by how this works, since the Spine Runtimes handle this for you. Maybe it would help to describe your goals and work backward from there?
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