Nate писал(а):Don't worry, your English is fine. :) You dropped the F bomb at just the right time. ;)

There is defintely some benefit to doing things the way Unity users are used to, that's for sure. It's unfortunate if the flow chart stuff can't be used to control code, it seems like a missed opportunity for Unity. I wish I had time to dig into it. I will when I get a chance!

Honestly the way of making things work in Unity is awkward for me. I am sure how spine-unity is used can be made more friendly, even if the flow chart stuff can't be used. A spine-unity controller should be similar to how you had to write code for your controller. Once done it should be relatively easy to customize or reuse.

Spine can do meshes, though I haven't updated the Unity runtimes yet.

I'm not knocking your runtime, it is quite neat. :) Probably the biggest advantages are that everything is a GameObject, so you can attach things without using BoneComponent, and that Unity users may already be used to using the Animation tools. It's good to have options!
Hello Nate,

You probably already know this since this was 1 year ago.

Unity's Mecanim ("flow chart stuff") can indeed control code. For all I know, you can select a given animation and have it call a function at a specific point in that animation.

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Hello, Everytime i try to import my Character, the scale goes way out of control.
I made a video to show what i am talking about. (Sorry about the load time)


Please anybody who thinks they know how to fix this issue, teach me how, it's been slowing down my project for a while now.

Thanks :)
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