Unity 2018.3
Spine Runtime 3.7.xx

I don't have any changes in my prefab,
but Mesh Filter components show 'overrides' always.
I know why Mesh Filter has overrides(dynamic mesh)...
Can I ignore (or hide) this overrides?


프리팹 상에서 아무런 변화도 없지만
Mesh Filter 컴퍼넌트가 overrides를 보여줍니다.
왜 Mesh Filter가 overrides를 가지는지는 알고있습니다만(dynamic mesh)...
이 override를 무시할 수 있는 방법이 있을까요?
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Thanks for reporting this problem.

Unfortunately, I could not find a quick solution yet.
I have created a bug ticket here for you to subscribe:
[unity] Prefab instance always lists MeshFilter as override · #1273

I will let you know once it is resolved.
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[unity] Prefab instance always lists MeshFilter as override · #1273

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