Hey all,

My team and I have been using Spine in our LibGDX products no problem. We recently upgraded to Spine pro and started testing out the waters with Unity.

I immediately came across problems in the demo material. When loading a scene, selecting a game object with a spine component, or even attempting to create a spine game object, the Unity editor will lock up for a long time or even crash. This behavior is consistent. I upgraded to the latest version of Unity editor and still the same problem.

This does not happen when I test on Windows PC.

This muddies up our expectations and workflow as our studio's computers are all on Mac OS X.

Any support you can provide is appreciated.



-- 24 Feb 2016, 16:29 --

I've just tested a fresh install of Unity on another mac laptop, there were no issues.

The issue must lie within my current workstation.

For reference: Mac OS X 10.9.4, latest Unity3D and spine files available.

I'm going to update my operating system and clean up files, permissions, and other system maintenance, and hope I see a difference.
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Unity Editor by itself on 5+ has been really weird lately, (particularly, you see framerates drastically drop if you have scene view and game view enabled at the same time) but I think they fixed it in their latest versions.

I don't think you need to import Spine runtime to see the slowdowns.
When you're on a Mac, try Unity's speed by itself first before importing Spine.
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I went through general maintenance and security updates, and the issue persisted.

However, I updated my operating system to El Capitan and the issue is resolved!

Thanks, and if anyone else is having the same issue, get OS X El Capitan.
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