Hello. I'm dealing with a minor annoyance. When I have the Slot and Attachments filters activated in the Tree View, I like to expand the slots so I can choose what attachment is visible at any time. The trouble is that every time I select a new attachment, all of the slots collapse and I have to manually expand the one I'm working on. This makes doing frame by frame animations tedious. The only way to avoid this is to not apply any filters, however the tree is super cluttered again. This occurs with or without expand and scroll the tree enabled.

This is on 3.8.72 Pro. Is there any advice regarding this feature? Thank you.
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Hello! Perhaps these shortcuts may help:

Select Parent: ctrl + shift + UP
Select Child: ctrl + shift + DOWN
Select Previous Sibling: ctrl + shift + LEFT
Select Next Sibling: ctrl + shift + RIGHT
Expand/Collapse Tree Node: ctrl + shift + ENTER
Toggle Visibility: H

I find them quite handy and they also always work!

You can find all the hotkeys in your hotkeys file: Settings - Spine User Guide: Hotkeys
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