- Character bone hierarchy has 2 selection sets stored, (bound to numeric keys), let's call them [S1] and [S2]
- [S1] is selectable, [S2] is not selectable
- Activating [S2] and then adding [S1] to it (using the Shift+numeric key) switches the selectable toggle on [S1], making it unselectable like [S2]

If this is a feature and not a bug, I can't figure out how it could be a useful one.


If within a bone hierarchy, part of the bones have Select toggle set to off, you select all bones in that hierarchy and switch visibility off and then on again, it makes the Select toggle off for all bones.

It seems any operation you do on a group of bones in which part of them have selectability turned off, that selectability set to off transfers to all the bones. This definitely looks like a bug to me.


Another example:

Select a group of bones in which part of them have selectability turned off. Set a key using any methods. Deselect. Now all bones have selectability turned off.
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Hello, what version of Spine are you using?
Is the select toggle you mention, the option that allows you to click on a bone in the viewport that you can find in the bone properties?

The problem could be clearer if you recorded a video/gif of the problem happening if possible.
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