Greetings fellow Spiners,

I'm having some problems with the Unity 3D c# runtime. I'm trying to load a different atlas (created in the Editor) and using one of the images there as an attachment, but it turns invisible when I try to attach it.
// Doesn't work
AtlasAttachmentLoader loader = new AtlasAttachmentLoader( atlas.GetAtlas() );
RegionAttachment att2 = loader.NewAttachment(skeletonAnimation.skeleton.Data.Skins[0], AttachmentType.region, "hat") as RegionAttachment;
I'm able to attach something I get from the it's own skeleton, but not from a different atlas nor it's own atlas.
// Works
Skeleton s = new Skeleton(dataAsset.GetSkeletonData(true));
Attachment att1 = s.GetAttachment("hat", "hat");
skeletonAnimation.skeleton.FindSlot("left hand").Attachment = att1;
Pretty lost on this one, if you guys could provide some help I'll mail you a shot of Caipirinha :beer: .
Thanks in advance! :)
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If NewAttachment doesn't throw an exception, it should have found the region in the atlas. How do you set the attachment on the slot? You'll need to use:
skeleton.FindSlot("slotName").Attachment = att2;
Make sure att2 isn't null, else it will clear the attachment for the slot.
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