Using Spine 3.7.87
When I use "import data" and use a scale value, only the bones and mesh attachments take on this scale.

Regular attachments (both visible and hidden) stay at their old scale, and needed laborious readjustment ;)

Original and after fixing look like this:
Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 16.01.27.png

This is right after the scale, with a few slots at their old scale:
Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 16.01.39.png

I fixed my own imports just now, but I can imagine this is not working as intended.
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I do have "inherit scale" turned off for some of the downstream affected things, that might be related, but for some of the fixes I just did I scaled the whole skeleton (not root, but the actual skeleton name) and that did scale downstream as intended.
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Hello nimbling,
If you don't rescale them manually or through bones, the attachments will always be at their original size, and this is not a bug.

In order to resize correctly the whole skeleton, you need to resize the images as well, such as in this case: how to properly resize your project?
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I understand!

I guess this is a feature request then :)

My need was this: I designed a bunch of bosses in different sizes, and now we found out we need them all at the same size, so I head to scale each boss using a different scaling factor.

It would have saved me a lot of time if Spine offered the option to "scale everything proportionally" - including all the slots.


I ended up editing the JSON and reimporting that into my project.
I just increased the size in the "skin" section of the Json.

This works like a charm, but I was afraid I wouldn't comprehend everything. Now I do and I'm happy, but I do think there's room for improvement.

Here it says Spine has got you covered when you scale the image up, assuming it's whitespace you added. But downscaled, you're on your own.
Meshes - Spine User Guide: Image resize

There's a few assumptions about where someone is in their workflow there.
• that all assets were created in the same scale
• that the user knows what they're doing
• that someone will only want to scale up "because adding whitespace" their assets after creation

But I'll admit, I'd rather see a new curve animation editor than getting these edge cases fixed ;)
Hang in there!
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