Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a project with my team but we are having a problem with Unity.
While we need the pivot point of our characters to be placed at their feet (it is correctly placed on Spine and on the Unity prefab) to be able to correctly place objects at their feet or pass them in front of set elements, it is centered on the character once in game.
I don't know how to fix this problem or if I need to add a specific component to my prefab

Thank you for the time you will take to answer my post :)
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Neither the Spine Editor (upon export) nor the spine-unity runtime (upon import) touches your pivot. You can have a look at the raptor_SkeletonData object, which has its pivot at the feet.

The gif seems to show a different problem. Unfortunately I don't know how you move the object around, but I fear that the problem lies within your own setup or code. Could you post a screenshot of the scene view, with the Move Tool active and viewing from the side, so we can see the actual pivot and sorting of objects.


I answered to your reproductiojn package via email, posting here for others to benefit from any insights as well.

If you want to keep the custom sort axis set to the Y axis, then the solution is to add a SortingGroup component to the SkeletonAnimation GameObject (or it's parent), this will act as if a SpriteSortPoint was set to the Transform pivot. Unfortunately a MeshRenderer offers no custom sort point parameter.
Also at the Map_01_Little_Tree_01 GameObject, be sure to change the SpriteRenderer Sprite Sort Point from Center to Pivot.

Another solution would be in graphics settings to change the sorting order from the Y Custom Axis back to Default and making sure the Z position of your objects is set accordingly. This would however require a different scene organisation, just mentioning it here for the sake of completeness.
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