I'm using the latest release of Phaser 3 and am looking for a Spine Runtime that will work in Phaser 3 and the latest Spine (3.8.72). There seem to be two options out there but I've tried to get them working and fear that they are both out of date:

1. (Plugin code at Seems to have been updated in August 2019 but gives me an error when trying to add a spline to my scene: "Slot not found: name" (attachment). Seems to be an issue in parsing some portion of the atlas file dealing with the skins so I'm not sure if the Spine export format has changed since the runtime was developed. I came across a class in the Phaser docs that seems to be related and mentions that it was built for Spine 3.7:

2. This is the Phaser runtime listed on the Spine site but mentions it was built for Spine 3.2 and doesn't appear to have been updated recently. I'm still trying to get this one working but haven't had luck so far.

Is there another Phaser+Spine runtime out there or is there a way for me to download Spine 3.7?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Figured out that I could run my Spine app as an earlier version and 3.7.94 and 3.4.02 and it seemed to parse the file properly but started giving me WebGL errors in both cases. (


From what I can tell, #2: phaser-spine doesn't work with Phaser 3.
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I found that using Phaser 3.19 with Spine 3.7.94 works if you use the official Phaser Spine plugin found here:

Examples on how to use it here:

Documentation here:

Hope this helps.

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Yeah, it looks like the latest Phaser releases still only work for Spine 3.7. It should be easy for them to upgrade to 3.8, where we had to make a minor change to the JSON export format which breaks when you try to load a 3.7 JSON file with the 3.8 Spine Runtimes.
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