Can you multiple JSON files is to use one of the Atlas?
If you are able to , what should I do
After you export multiple JSON files from one project file to generate a texture Pecker one of Atlas image , it has been imported from Unity,
"Error reading skeleton JSON file for SkeletonData asset: type_01_SkeletonData
The requested value 'linkedmesh' was not found."
Error emerged . Please tell us what way to solve the problem. :'(

(Sorry, English is hard.. :sweat: )
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Seems like your problem has nothing to do with sharing atlases.
It didn't recognize linkedmesh, so your runtime is probably old.
You either need to not use linkedmesh, or you need to update your spine-unity.
If you update your spine-unity, there is a chance that you need to re-export your old animations. But possibly not.

You can always find the latest version here: https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes/blob/master/spine-unity/README.md#quick-installation
OR on this topic: Noteworthy Spine-Unity Topics
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Thank you!

The problem has been resolved!

It was a version of the problem.
The person in charge was not properly confirmed version of.:sweat:

Spine is a good tool!!
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