We have a base body which we want to overlay some clothing onto and instead of trying to draw or bake the arm image into every piece of armor we were thinking about basically giving each bone 2 images and only 1 attach slot to swap out at runtime.

Will this create any problems like major overdrawn or any huge overhead? We are already running into some issues needing to populate an entire RPG world with animations. There's about 15 areas in the scene with some 100-200 monsters per area, so we are obviously having to make area of influence pooled spawning systems or else the entire game would crater. I'm seeing my i7 start to bomb at about 150 animations running at the same time, but disabling the SkeletalAnimator component boosts everything back up, so I think we can spawn everything in slowly and just AOI that component itself.. sorry off track.

There's only 1-4 players per game, so this idea I'm describing is only for the players. The monsters will be optimized as best possible with only 1 layer of images.

Are there any optimizations we can make to better the # of monsters that can be going at once? If we disable the SkeletonAnimator on the host computer I'm not sure if that will work networked but it may since we are using mecanim and syncing its state and not the actual Spine skeleton properties I don't think.
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