Hey Esoteric Friends,

I have a question about the intended workflow for using Mechanim and Spine together.
Right now my process is...
- Make a change in spine
- Copy over the necessary files, change the extensions to have .txt
- Update the animation controller
- Add events using the unity animation timeline
- Rinse and repeat

Currently, if I update the animation controller from the SkeletonData Asset, it wipes all of the animation
events that I added to the dummy animations.

Is this a bug?

If this isn't a bug, is my workflow incorrect? Should I not be using unity animation events?
I noticed that I can't setup events from Spine because I'm not using an SkeletonAnimation, but a SkeletonAnimator.
The example on your site specifies using the SkeletonAnimation to get access to the state, SkeletonAnimator does not all
me access to the state. Is there a different way to hook up events using SkeletonAnimator?

Thanks for any info and help! :)
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Events you set up in Spine get translated into the dummy animations as Unity Animation Events. Were you not using Spine events at all?
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