Hello, I apologize in advance for the mistakes (I use google translation).

I created a wizard in photoshop, but with a fairly high layer complexity, because there are layers above, below. For example, the color of the stick is below a general shading layer (allowing all the layers to be darkened), but the eyes of the stick which shines are above the general shading layer.

So the problem is here, look at the result if I import with a script the Photoshop layers on Spine. The image result is bad. Look for yourself. (you can see on the screenshot the import under spine and in the red frame the image under photoshop).

I cannot merge all the layers of the stick into one, otherwise there is a problem with the position of the layers.
How to do?
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Hello Syneos, I think the layes of this image should be divided as follows:

- cloud level
- light orb level
- hand on wand
- glowing eyes on want if you want to animate them
- wand
- beard
- glowing eyes
- any part that needs to be separated to be animated, such as the cape
- body
- arm
- hand
- background

In this, each piece should be solid, and not seen though, unless it's smoke, which is meant to be traslucid.

Each layer should have its own shading and lights applied for the best results.

Perhaps this video may help: Spine Photoshop Tutorial - Photoshop To Spine Script - YouTube
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