I've been trying to change the import texture settings of spine textures in unity but every time the library is regenerated the import settings go back to the default ones. I've tried changing the spine settings in the SO file but the changes are overwritten after the library folder is generated again.

Screenshot 2019-09-23 at 14.53.00.png

I need to keep these changes for other people that download the project and for unity cloud build to make the builds properly.



I don't know why but it keeps regenerating the spine settings every time the library folder is deleted and they go back to the default value. I can't bother to keep trying to figure out why so, for now, I just changed the spine default variable DEFAULT_SET_TEXTUREIMPORTER_SETTINGS from spine settings from true to false.
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Sorry for the troubles!

This was indeed a bug (issue ticket can be found here).
I have just fixed it, new unitypackages can be downloaded here as usual:
Spine Unity Download

Thanks for reporting!
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