mayby I'm just stupid but I can't find any way to reinstall my Spine Essencial License.

I bought Spine a couple monthes ago now and changed my Computer in this time but I haven't reinstalled Spine till now cause I didn't needed it.

But Now I want to work with it and I wanted to reinstall it on my new Computer but I cant find a page for downloding the version or anything like that I just have the option to buy it again (I have my Licens code right here).

And it seems that no one had the same Issue like me so I think I'm just unable to find it.

Thank for the help.

With kind regards

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Hi Jeff! You should have received a mail from us when you first purchased Spine. In that mail you will find a link to your license page, inside it you will find the download links to reinstall Spine. If you have troubles finding the mail, write us at
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