Hey everyone!

I'm fairly new to this program and I was hoping someone can help me find a solution to this problem:

Basically, I need to animate symbols that creates this wheel animation effect to send off to the programmer so that he/she can replace the placeholders with actual symbols.

The "7" and "5" will have a perspective distort effect!

So the end goal is to basically have this 3d slot machine effect.

Any ideas on how I can go about with this please ?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Hello! You can turn these placeholder images into meshes, so that you can then distort them during the animations, either by binding them to bones, or with direct deformations.

Meshes - Spine User Guide
Weights - Spine User Guide
Mesh Tools - Spine User Guide

If you can describe what kind of motion they should be able to perform, I may have more detailed advice to give (:
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Hey @Erika, thanks for the guidance!!! It works well :D

My last issue is with the meshes. I've animated a mesh with a placeholder_image to add it's deform.

Is there a way where the programmer can replace that image with another and keep it's deform animation ?
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