Hi guys!

First post! :D (Wasnt sure whether to put this in Unity or bugs!)

I have a really annoying bug with exported spine files in Unity and I'm finding it impossible to debug! I'm hoping someone on here may be able to help or have any idea of what is going on!

I have some characters in a game and they randomly spin around! I think this is something to do with an animation blend however I'm really unsure. I think it could potentially be a keyframe or lack of keyframe on a particular bone that might be affecting a blend between two animations.

There is video capture of this happening here :


I have uploaded some images of my hierarchy in spine also in case this helps but I am happy to upload any other images of my spine files!

Any thoughts or comments would be really appreciated as I am completely stuck!!! I have 4 characters that don't have this bug and then 4 characters that do. The four characters that do were created after the first four and all have this bug so I feel something is different - I just can't think/see what!

Thank you! <3
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Hi and welcome! :)

I assume that you are using the latest versions of Spine and the spine-unity runtime. If not, you could have a look if the problem is resolved by updating to the latest versions (and make a safety backup of your projects, as always).

Perhaps it could be related to incorrect constraint setup at the skeleton. You can find a short description here on how constraints in world space could be messed up when flipping the skeleton.
You can have a quick test by preventing flipping the character and making it face the same direction always - if it no longer occurs, it might be the above problem.

If this does not resolve the issue, I fear that we will need a minimal reproduction Unity project that still shows your problem and your Spine project file, so that we can have a look at what is going wrong here. You can send us a zip file to
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