Can't seem to open my project. I was prompted by this message while opening my project "Sorry, an error occurred reading the project file."

My Spine version is :3.7.07 beta Essential, launcher: 3.7.28.

Prior to this error, I remember I was prompted by a message that my file won't be opened using the old version of Spine (Something to that extent). Which I completely regret for not paying attention.

I already sent my Spine and .json files to

I'm on a deadline and I was working on it for a week now and it's gone. Please help me resolve this issue.

(My apology if this was posted in a wrong thread)
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Spine automatically creates backups of your files. If you go to "Settings -> Files" and then under Backups you can find your backup folder. Some versions from before you saved the last time should still be in there.

If the above doesn't work, it's possible you will be able to open the Spine project in a newer version of Spine, you can export as JSON with "Nonessential data" checked. Then load up the Spine version you want to work with, and then use "Import Data". Keep in mind, you will likely need to set your "Images" path again if you use this approach.
I'd also recommend updating to the latest non-beta version of Spine, which is Spine 3.7.91.
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