contact info: makapixel at gmail

Hello folks dropping some of my work here.There is a lot of stuff to see!

I’ve been in the game industry for about a decade now (it’s coming up!)

I’m currently available to take some game project contract work. I’m looking forward to working with some cool people on some cool projects :)


  •   Spine/Dragon Bones Rigging/Animation (Includes creating art to be used in rigging)
  •   Pixel Art/Animation
  •   Flash pipelines, symbol animation and frame by frame animation.

I apologize for weird formatting of the images ahead of time. Spine animations are quite large and cumbersome. This is just some samples of my work.

DISCLAIMER: This artwork is strictly for portfolio use. Under no circumstance are these allowed to be removed and posted to other sources.


For those that are interested, my expertise in Spine/Dragon Bones allowed me the opportunity to work at Electronic Arts Austin.


Personal MegaMan Remaster project

Secret Project

[I have more Descendants stuff but the gifs are too big, sorry :(]


[size=15pt]FLASH DESIGN/DRAWINGS[/size]

If you got this far THANK YOU for looking at my portfolio


(Links to my previous portfolios with more pixel examples)

1.  http://makapixel.tumblr.com/post/71694014411/makapixel-portfolio-update

2.  http://makapixel.tumblr.com/post/71767818528/adventure-time-explore-the-dungeon-because-i

3.  http://makapixel.tumblr.com/post/96502837309/transformers-rise-of-the-dark-spark-artanimation

(Here is a WIP for my game. There is far too many animations to post...so this should be a nice sample)

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