Thanks for the awesome animation program, we love it!
Unfortunately since version 3.8.55 we have problem with animations blending. (and this option)
It's flickering while blending.

Using version 3.7 with disabled arrow (as on screenshot) was succesful (without flickring). When updated to 3.8 there's always flickering after one loop.
Tested on 2 different computers. Just the same thing.

I see this option is new (there wasn't this in version 3.6). So I hope there will be solution of this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
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Can you show what the flickering looks like?

The button with the arrow is Hold previous and generally you don't need to use it unless solving a specific problem. It's described at 7:07 here:

It's still a bit tricky to understand. See the comment I made on the YouTube page, under the video.
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