Choosing the right workflows allows you to create high quality animations in very little time. In our latest tutorial video Sinisa shows how to use Spine's Favor tool to work faster and smarter:

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I keep practicing. It's a very good tool.

Can you add a description of the various options of the Favor tool?

ex) blend, linear, move, average, setup

And if you assign a hotkey to the Favor tool, you have to press the key repeatedly every time.

Can you modify the Favor tool's gauge to automatically cool while holding down the keyboard? :grinteeth:

Thank you for always developing new features.
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Glad you like it!

We'll have proper documentation but for now I can describe the modes here. It will help to give them a try after reading the description, as it is hard to describe some of them in text.
  • Favor: Moves keys toward the previous/next keys. When multiple keys are selected, keys further from the next/previous key move more slowly.
  • Blend: Moves keys toward the previous/next keys like Favor. When multiple keys are selected, all keys move at the same speed.
  • Shift: Moves keys toward the previous/next keys by moving them all together, they don't change relative to each other.
  • Linear: Moves keys toward being on a line between the next/previous keys.
  • Average (curve): Moves keys toward the average of the next/previous keys on the same curve.
  • Average (frame): Moves keys toward the average of other selected keys on the same frame.
  • Average (all): Moves keys toward the average of the next/previous keys for all curves with selected keys.
    • Default: Moves keys toward the default values. Usually this is zero, but some properties use other values, eg scale uses 1.
    • Setup: Moves keys toward the setup pose value.
    • Store: Moves keys toward the stored curves. Use the Store button to set the stored curves.

    If that is a lot, maybe this helps (though now that I wrote it, maybe this is a lot too, haha :grinteeth:):
    • Favor is used most often. Blend and Shift are similar but you might find them useful rarely, when the behavior of Favor is not quite what you need.
    • Linear can be useful to make things more linear, obviously, but it's not used very often since you it's common to start with linear and adjust away from it.
    • The average modes are something to keep in mind, but are probably not used often. They can be used similar to scaling a box selection.
    • Default and setup can reset (or partially reset) your pose. Setup is probably useful more often, though there are other ways to do it if you just want the setup pose (select a bone in setup mode, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, go to animate mode, ctrl+v).
    • Store mode is maybe one of the most useful modes after the favor mode. You can store your curves, then make edits that are quite exaggerated, then use the Store favor tool mode to blend between your original curves and the exaggerated curves, to easily dial in exactly how exaggerated you want a pose.
    As you can see, the modes are pretty interesting and may be useful from time to time, but truthfully it is most common to use the Favor mode. That mode is the reason we added the favor tool, the others are just neat extras.

    Note you can click the heart icon left of the favor tool to reset it to the center. This is identical to deselecting and making the same selection to reset the slider. Admittedly it is probably not useful very often, but it's there so I mention it. :)

    Note you can drag beyond the edge of the slider (or keep pressing the hotkey). There's a buffer area where nothing happens, then it starts adjusting beyond 100% (or -100%). This can be used to move the keys beyond the next/previous key (or beyond the target value for other modes) to achieve overshoot.

    Note sure about holding the favor hotkey to adjust. It's fast to tap the key a few times, while holding requires pressing and waiting. Waiting isn't quite as fast. Is the problem that you find yourself needing to tap it many times? Note there are hotkeys that jump by 5, 10, and 15. You could set hotkeys for 15 to move it faster. You could also set another hotkey (eg the same one but with shift) to move by 10 or 5, for finer adjustments. Note the hotkeys that move the favor slider move more slowly when they get near 100%, because you usually want finer adjustments in that area.
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    I am already animating too fast for my artist to keep up, this is going to make it even worse LOL. This favor tool looks amazing!
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