Exporting to GIF (and maybe also other export format) does not ignore images with the "export" checkbox unchecked.
Although I could just turn those images off before the export to work around, I still need to turn those back on as I need those reference images and backgrounds when making the animations. It would be better to have the 'export' checkbox works on all kind of export.

I also have a little suggestion on export viewport clipping. After realizing 'export' check box is ignored on gif export, I tried to use 'crop' to limit the export to show only what I want. It require me to enter the values for the visible area which is very hard to use! It is not easy to get those coordinate without using a bone. I suggest to provide an option to simply take the value from preview canvas for clipping. That means the export will be exactly what I see from the preview panel when that suggested option is used.

Another minor issue:

The split bone dialog is only remembering the setting of number of splits but not the "Nested" state. Not to mention most of the time when splitting a bone, we want them to be nested so the default value is better to be nested.
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Hi Nick,
Indeed export does get ignored for gifs because it's meant to let you use big backgrounds as a reference without exporting them into the atlas, but it's nice to have a background for a gif. This may not always be the case, so we could consider discussing this option regarding the export dialogue.
I've opened an issue for this:

Regarding the cropping of a gif in the export preview, you can click and drag the angles to resize the output preview. Numeric entry is there only to provide that last touch of precision.

Indeed we want the bones nested 90% of the time! If Spine remembered the last used setting it would be nice.
I've opened an issue for this: Make Spine remember the last used setting on split · #428 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor
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About the export check box, it would be a little confusing if that checkbox is called 'export' but still get rendered when unchecked. If we want to temporarily disable all the export setting of attachments, maybe it will make more sense to have another "Ignore 'export' toggle" checkbox on the export page to allow them behave like how it currently work.
Erikari писал(а):you can click and drag the angles to resize the output preview
Nice! Didn't realize I can do this in the preview.

Thank you
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