Since I updated from Spine 3.6 to 3.7 (3.7.81), I can't export JSON + Atlases from the command line utility.

It fails with this:
/Applications/Spine/ -e export-config.json
Spine Launcher 3.7.81
Esoteric Software LLC (C) 2013-2019
Mac OS X x86_64 10.14.1
ERROR: Missing output path.
Following is an example of config file I use:
"project": "/absolute/path/to/skeleton.spine",
"output": "/absolute/path/to/output/",
"class": "json",
"extension": ".json",
"format": "JSON",
"nonessential": true,
"prettyPrint": true,
"createAtlas": true,
"texturePacker": {
"pot": true,
"paddingX": 2,
"paddingY": 2,
"edgePadding": true,
"duplicatePadding": false,
"rotation": false,
"minWidth": 16,
"minHeight": 16,
"maxWidth": 2048,
"maxHeight": 2048,
"square": false,
"stripWhitespaceX": false,
"stripWhitespaceY": false,
"alphaThreshold": 0,
"filterMin": "Linear",
"filterMag": "Linear",
"wrapX": "ClampToEdge",
"wrapY": "ClampToEdge",
"format": "RGBA8888",
"alias": true,
"outputFormat": "png",
"jpegQuality": 0.9,
"ignoreBlankImages": true,
"fast": false,
"debug": false,
"silent": false,
"combineSubdirectories": false,
"ignore": false,
"flattenPaths": false,
"premultiplyAlpha": false,
"useIndexes": false,
"bleed": true,
"limitMemory": false,
"grid": false,
"scale": [ 0.2, 0.4 ],
"scaleSuffix": [ "@1x", "@2x" ],
"atlasExtension": ".atlas",
"name": null
This used to work perfectly fine before updating to Spine 3.7, as you can see, there is an output path specified. I tried to add it with -o option on the command line as well but it fails with the same error.

Is there anything I am missing or is this a bug?

As I rely a lot on the command line tools to export animations, this makes Spine 3.7 unusable for me at the moment :(


Some more information:

The export works with the new Spine launcher (3.7.81) set up to spine 3.6.53, but fails as soon as I set its version to 3.7.81
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Hello! thanks for providing the info, I was able to reproduce the problem and opened a ticket here: CLI missing output path · #434 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor
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