I'm animating some cartoon fish in spine, each fin is separate so I can allow for movement and each fin has multiple frames that give the impression that the water is flowing.


It seemed like the quickest way to add hundreds of tiny image/frames to my project was to duplicate the original image however it turns out there's no mass way to clear the path of all the images :think: unless I'm missing something (workflow below):

[DISCLAIMER: we can't use sprite sheets due to our framework limitations/the software department deciding they didn't want to implement them so every image has to be separate :sucks: ]

    1. add image to project "sym_05_pieces/fin_bottomfront"
    2. duplicate image 9 more times for each frame
    3. do this with all 10 fish in project
    4. find and replace whole project so images are correct e.g. "sym_05_pieces/fin_bottomfront_00 - 09"
    5. Notice that none of the duplicated images have changed visually in spine meaning the path is still pointing to the original image
    6. :think: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks:
    7. Double click on every image and press ok with the "clear path" checkbox ticked for the next few hours and :'( a lot


There must be a way to clear the image path of more than one image at a time otherwise I'll be here for a while. (I probably could have done it in the time it's taken to make this post... )

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated for next time I do this or failing that a better workflow (that doesn't involve the photoshop export script) Thanks :)
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Maybe it would be easier to not duplicate the attachments? Try dragging the files from the Images node to a slot, position one of the images as you need, then copy, select the others, paste and it will set the others to have the same transform.
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