Hi there guys, hope you are fine.

I was wondering, wouldn't be great if we have a 'ADD KEYFRAMES' button to create an END keyframe from already existing frames on the timeline.

This could be useful when you finish and 'animation' and you need to continue that animation in another separated 'animation',
I have to 'complete' the blank spaces on the timeline by hand copying and pasting.

It would be nice to have a button that creates all the unexisting frames from the last keyframe put there.


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Hello Jorge, we've got you covered! you can find keying shortcuts in the Cheat Sheet: Spine: Cheat Sheet
K Key all changed
L Key active transform
CTRL+L Key all transforms on selection
CTRL+SHIFT+L Key all keyed dopesheet items (Key current pose)

Specifically the last one is your best friend :D
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Thank you for the information, may be useful for all people of course who read this article
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