I'm not sure that this is a bug, but I can't understand why this not works.

I have about 300 slots in my skeleton and I need to create a bone for each of them. So

1. I press "create" button
2. Holding Ctrl clicked the sprite (for example it's "SlotName10")
3. Released Ctrl and LMB clicked at the middle of the sprite in the dopesheet
4. Bone "SlotName10" was created.
5. ...Repeating this pattern some times (about 30)...
6. And then some next bone gets the name "SlotNameX + 1", for example the slot is "SlotName30" but the bone is "SlotName31" :fuuu:

What's wrong? This a bug or what? :think:
I have 3.7.94 version of the software.

Thank you!

P. S. sorry for possible mistakes, my English may be poor
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If point 6 happens it's because either that bone name already exists, so Spine adds a number to it, or you didn't select the image and Spine creates a child bone with an increased number.
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No, it looks like this:
| root
| –bone1
| —slot1
| –bone2
| —slot2
| –bone x
| —slot x

Then I definetly selected image, cause the next slot moves under the new bone automatically:

| –bone x+2 (After creating this bone all next bones get name "slot+1", even after renaming this bone.)
| —slot x+1

Bone x+1 is not exist at all, so I need to manually rename the "bone x+2" to descrease the number.

Sorry that I can not share screenshots.
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I would need reproduction files for this, could you please send us the problematic project at contact@esotericsoftware.com so we can try to reproduce what you're experiencing? And possibly a summary of where we should expect the bug to happen. We will keep the video/images/project confidential.
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Ok, I'll try to get the permission for this.


I think I explained the problem not fully. This issue appears only when I creating sub bone under an existing numerated bone. And works time to time.

-| slot10
-| bone12
---| slot11
---| bone14
-----| slot12
-----| bone13
-------| slot13
-------| bone16
---------| slot14
---------| bone15
-----------| slot15
-----------| bone18
-------------| slot16
-------------| bone17
---------------| slot17
---------------| bone20
-----------------| slot18
-----------------| bone19
-------------------| slot19

But if I erase number from a bone's name it works right:
| bone
--| slot12
--| bone13
---| slot13
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