I would like to create 4-6 animations which I can combine as I see fit. This way I can edit them separately and choose conveniently which to show. Another advantage of this animation breakdown is that the Dopesheet is more readable.
Is it possible to preview multiple animations with editable time offset?
Is it possible to edit multiple animations simultaneously?

Any insight will be much appreciated.

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Hello Mati!

You can preview multiple animations at the same time using the Preview View:
Preview - Spine User Guide

You can't set a delay, but you could set the speed to 0, then add all of the animations, then reset the speed to normal.
If two animations don't have the same lenght, each will loop on its own time without waiting for the other to end.
There are improvements planned for this view:
Preview view improvements · #371 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor

You can't edit multiple animations at the same time or preview them outside of the preview view, but you can keep the view open both in setup or animate mode which is pretty handy.

If you find that your dopesheet is hard to read, consider trying to use filters or lock your dopesheet on the elements relevant for you at the moment:
Dopesheet - Spine User Guide
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