Just wondering if there is a way to see and line up my animation states so that I can view how they tween against each other within Spine itself.

Currently I have to export and set it up in Unity to see how, for example, my Atk will blend into a Block or back to Idle but also tween nicely into a Stun etc.

Either that or I just try to replicate it by clicking back and forth in the animation preview panel. :grinteeth:
Not at all a game breaking issue btw, but it would definitely save some time when I don't have to export and setup just to see if my states flow well within various conditions.

Also, thank you for an awesome program!! :)
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Hello Boxy!
As you said, the preview view is the only way to preview how the animations can blend with one another in Spine.
You could also create a dummy animation where you place the blocking animation after the attack, although I'm sure that's not what you're after.

If it can help to speed up the process, Ctrl+E Opens the export panel, while CTrl+Shift+E straight out exports with your last export setting, so this could make the reiteration a bit faster perhaps.
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