Texture Packer and Honeymoon

July 1st, 2013

Good news and bad news!

Good news first, texture packer is now integrated into Spine! Spine can now pack your textures to an atlas when exporting JSON, binary, PNGs, or JPGs in v1.4.17+. You can also use the Spine texture packer for general purpose packing for your games, even when not using Spine.

Now the bad news. Well, it’s good news for me — I (Nate) got married to the most amazing woman! :) Tomorrow we go on our honeymoon, so the bad news is I won’t be available to fix bugs or answer emails and questions on the forums for the next two weeks. Even then, please use the forum if you need help, there might be someone else who can help you out. Also, please don’t find any bugs while I am gone! I crammed to get the texture packer done, so I hope this helps make up for my absence a little bit. We’ll do documentation for the texture packer as soon as I get back.