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Hey all,
in our game Idle Miner Tycoon we have up to 210 characters doing stuff, with max 43 characters visible on screen (i added a screenshot to this post).
We have done these performance optimizations:
  • no deformations in the spine animations
  • as few keyframes as possible
  • call the Update-methods in SkeletonAnimation and SkeletonRenderer only every 2nd or 3rd frame
  • only call Update-methods when GameObject is visible by Camera

Are there any other tricks we can try? I didn't find any other stuff looking through the docs and the forum so far.
Tim Reiter
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Those seem to be most of it.
Just a few clarifications.

  • It's not just "no deformations", but for meshes, have as few vertices as possible, even if they don't deform. No deformations helps a lot though.
  • It can also help if you have as few attachments and bones as possible.
  • For the most common animations, reduce your use of Bezier graphs on keys. It'll be less nice, but some middle ground of adding more keys will perform faster than two keys and a Bezier.
  • For frame skipping your SkeletonAnimations, make sure you stagger them across frames rather than calling them all on the same frame, to get the maximum benefit.

  • If each of your skeletons only use one material, check "Use Single Submesh" in the "Advanced..." box in the Inspector.
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