We have released 2 games on Steam with Spine/Unity - LOVE IT. Great job. We got support a few times along the way too. So pat on the back to you guys!

My question is: what is the best practice for implementing running/idle for the legs and also attacking. We are making an invasion battle type game and characters will be running around attacking or standing and attacking.

We want to know the best way to apply this mix via c#. We use the Spine CSharp scripts.

So maybe just a basic example with a few lines how I can call one animation, call the other, etc. Right now when I set an animation, it sets it over the whole skeleton. Thank you!

-Logan Branjord
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Ahh I found it in the documentation. Will experiment with tracks.
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Here's the link, for others:
Applying Animations - Spine Runtimes Guide
If you come across more specific questions you can post them here!
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