In Short:
Can spine import skeleton to existing one when detected that skeleton name is the same when importing project?

What I am trying to do is to create frequently used template projects with bones and constraints setup and animated. I want to import the template skeleton to existing skeleton but I found that even if the name is the same, it does not place the template content to existing one but instead it increment the skeleton name by 1 and give me two skeletons.
The problem is that even if can drag the bones across skeleton, the constraints (and may be some other things) are not copied.

The only thing stopping me from the template idea is that there is no way to make Spine import to existing skeleton.
I suggest it should at least give me a chance, asking me if I want to import to existing one or want to create a new one.
(Or just don't ask me and automatically import to existing one if skeleton name is the same )

If name duplication is a concern, there can be many ways to solve it.
1. can optionally ask for a prefix before import for all the stuff. (bones, animations, ...) or
2. just +1 to the name as usual.
3. just warn user and import fail. (user need to solve the naming issue them self before import, less complicated approach)

I of course for my template project, I will prepend everything with unique prefix to avoid duplicated names.

Hope this import handling can be improved so that reusing asset can be much easier across spine projects.

I am particularly trying to create template slash effect and some things else that also rely on reusing assets.
For the slash effects , imagine I have bones and path constraints setup and changing frame animations, all I need is to import the project to new characters and adjust the path and timing to match the slash trajectory. It could save me lots of setup time. There are also otherscenarios I want this improved import to work too.

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You can import data into an existing skeleton in 3.8. However, this is intended for importing from Photoshop and similar -- it only supports bones, slots, attachments, and skins. This could be expanded to include constraints in 3.9.
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